Depending on the type of failure, it is necessary to use different techniques to recover data from the hard drive: use of technical software, cloning of the hard drive… It may even be necessary to carry out these tasks in a laboratory or specialized area.

In certain cases it is necessary to clean some parts or replace those that have been damaged. These are delicate jobs, since any speck of dust can affect the hard drive and make it impossible to recover the data. Therefore, they must be carried out in a restricted and specialized area for this type of work.

And there are other really complex processes, such as Facebook data recovery from RAID systems, since incorrect handling can lead to the irreparable loss of information.

How do specialized data recovery companies usually work ?

Data recovery companies are usually able to work with all types of storage devices : internal hard drives, external hard drives, etc. For example, they are usually capable of recovering information stored on both SSD hard drives and HDD hard drives. When it comes to price, technicians also take into account the amount of time they have to spend to fix the problem. This is directly related to the severity of the fault.

To determine this issue and other aspects related to the cost of the service, it is necessary to carry out a prior diagnosis. Of the device. This first contact is usually free, although depending on the depth that is necessary to apply to the diagnosis, some type of fee may be charged for it.

However, it is important that the customer knows from the outset what percentage of data they will be able to recover, as a situation may arise where it is not worth repairing the device. For example, in certain mechanical failures it is necessary to replace a specific component and the cost can be much higher than buying a new hard drive. In any case, usually a hard drive data recovery expert will be able to advise you on the best way to proceed.

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